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Originally Posted by Jooseppi Luna View Post
I don't know what you are referring to -- I was referring to BC as never, NEVER, beating ANYTHING out of ANYONE .

Yes, I have three cars, but unfortunately I don't have anything as useful as a pickup. How many of your cars are on the road? How many are parts cars? I have one parts car, one car not on the road but destined for it, and one on the road... on top of that, I also drive a Toyota Corolla (parents' car), and deal with a Toyota Sienna in the driveway that I rarely drive anymore... it is just in the way. If I were allowed to thi the herd, the Sienna would irsekf with a rof sale sign.

My apoogies for any spelling/grammatical errors -- the cat has been flicking her tail over the keyboard for the duration of this post.
Oh, I thought you were inferring about the amount of cars you have; directed toward me. Never mind... LOL

The 300SE is the only parts car. The first 300SD I have is my daily driver and the second, that I just purchased, will be road worthy once I replace the radiator. The PO glued a piece of PVC pipe in the upper neck and it failed on the drive home. I just hope no damage occurred. It was a slow failure and I think I caught it before it went for too long.

I hear you about the cat issue. I have two of them attacking me right now.

I have a feeling that Brian gets his cars for next to free. He sounds like a hard negotiator. I was ready to walk away from my first 300SD because it was in such poor condition. The fella was asking $1200 and I eventually got him down to $850. The interior was shot, the steering and suspension were shot but the engine was great. I bought the car because of the engine alone. The second 300SD was already priced lower than what I paid for my first. The test drive sold me. Sure, I may have been able to squeeze a few more bucks out of the seller but I am satisfied with my purchase and the price.
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