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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
Don't I wish.

All but one were bought from DB dealers who basically ripped ME off. It's really difficult to walk away from a vehicle that presents well when you're 1500 miles from home. The 740iL was a beautiful vehicle that I paid handsomely for because of the low mileage (58K). However, it had about $2K of deferrred maintenance that wasn't immediately apparent.

My latest acquisition, the 300SE, was from a person on the forum that I trust implicitly. It's exactly what he stated and the price was very good for a vehicle with only 100K on the clock.

You don't need to necessarily beat the seller out of his last dollar............and you definitely will not do that when you've traveled a long way to see (purchase) it. There's some serious travel funds involved, and those funds would need to be duplicated if you walk.
Yeah. Buying cars long distance is a whole 'nother animal. There is a lot more investment and risk involved. I was so impressed with this car, given the price, that I wanted to walk away with the title and keys even if I paid full price. I was not expecting a daily driver (with some attention needed) for $750. I was expecting more of a parts car and or project that moved under its own power. Sure it needs a few hundred bucks worth of maintenance items to be within my standards but what car wouldn't?

Oh, and if you need anything for your 300SE, let me know. I am parting out my 1990 model and I am making deals. I need this thing gone in the next month or so. Make a list if you wish. Offer me a bulk price. Parts either get sold to the respectable folks here or they go on Ebay.
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