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Originally Posted by eatont9999 View Post
For me, it is a full blown addiction worthy of AA treatment. I have a rented garage that has Mercedes parts all over it along with tons of tools. There is a valve body from a 722.315 in my kitchen, my entryway has two small boxes of misc parts, my kitchen table has numerous pieces of Zebrano wood trim and there are three totes of misc parts next to the TV.
Sunroom: three boxes of misc., spring coil, W123 taillights
Family Room: W123 mirror set
Living room: 3 boxes used to be there but they got evicted
My room: Two alternators, wood trim, NOS timing parts, typewriters, W116 blue armrest, other stuff I can't remember...

I have lots of other stuff in other places, but this is everything that is in the living quarters.
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