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OM603 Head Removal - the LAST step I hope....

Hello TEAM !

I have been thru the ringer with this one. Finally have the upper and lower timing chain guide rail pins out (look for my pictoral on that soon) - and I have all of my head bolts out. Everything is off the head as the FSM has directed, but now I'm down to hopefully the last thing before I can see this swinging from my engine lift;

I have the timing chain sprocket off the cam, but I cannot see how to actually get the sprocket out of the head. The timing chain is too tight. I see down on the passanger side of the head there is what looks like a tensioning bolt (or a pir of them, they're coaxial) - do I loosen that so the chain will be loose, allowing me to remove the sprocket? Then, if the head is actually free to move, the timing chain should slip right thru the head as it is lifted up - right?
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