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Originally Posted by Kincaidj View Post
I've got a new video of my 300SDL stone cold. It's always much louder when cold.

I hear at least two different noises. The loudest is a distinct hammer on steel bang at approx CYL#2 that's very predictable and doesn't change except when it warms up and gets a bit better.

The other is less rythymic and random, kind of like when you shake the balls in a paint can. What scares me the most is if either the chain is stretched and about to go or the original vacuum pump has let something loose.

Although this sounds awfull, at 1000 RPM and above the sounds are nearly gone and the cars runs awesome. I have no problem running with anyone here at 7500ft except I have to watch my temp closely.

No evidence of coolant loss and burns almost no oil.

300SDL Stone Cold - YouTube

It does have a bit more noise than most. However, said noise when cold and below 1500 rpm isn't anything to be concerned about. You can only hear it when outside the vehicle. Once you drive it, it becomes a non-issue.

You can spend a bunch of money on injectors and prechambers in an attempt to quiet it down somewhat, but no 603 will ever completely eliminate that noise when cold below 1500 rpm.

When all the hardware is in good condition, the noise largely disappears when fully warm.
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