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The upper chain guide should be removed now that you've removed the pins.

Remove the chain tensioner by turning the widest wrench flats; the ones against the head. You'll need a new crush washer. IIRC the FSM has a priming process before reinstalling the tensioner.

As NJ300sdl said, there are two bolts that take a 5- or 6mm hex bit that go into the front cover from the inside forward edge of the head. There's also a couple of small bolts on the head 'annex' by the big fuel filter. IIRC the FSM refers to these bolts as 'a' and 'b' in the head bolt torquing and loosening sequences.

Yeah, just let the chain drop into the abyss. It can't come off any of the other sprockets and it can't fall anywhere you can't retrieve it with a hook. Don't turn the engine while the head's off!

87 300D
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