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Originally Posted by ah-kay View Post
I am glad to be of service. The single prong one is for A/C so it can be left off. The 2 prong one is for engine over heat. If you watch the temperature often then both can be left off. Note the color of your old part and reference the part #.

Red: 006-545-42-24 (100/110)
Green: 006-545-45-24 (105/115)
Grey: 006-545-61-24 (105/120)
Blue: 006-545-64-24 (105/128)

I have a number of spare ones. PM me and I can send it to you for the cost of postage.
Question on the above sensors...doing a little research, I see my 300TD calls for the "blue" temp sensor. The grey one is listed for the 190D. The red and green ones are for gas cars. (I'm assuming the numbers in parentheses are temperatures...) If that is the case, it would seem the blue one would allow the temperature to run hotter than the others. Is there any benefit/detriment to running a grey or green sending unit to start the high fan speed at a lower temperature? I know the OM603's tend to run hot to begin with...?

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