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Exclamation 02 C320 Walks away...

The car has approx 12,000 miles on it and is due for Service A. Was visiting in Philadelphia. Car sat over nite in cold weather. Driveway had a slight slope to it. I started the car to let it warm up. About 10 minutes later it started rolling down the driveway with the transmission in the park position.

Yes I know I should always use my parking brake on a hill (my wife was quick to point that out as well as my other driving habits).... But still, why call the transmission select position PARK. Why not 'SOMETIMES PARK BUT NOT ALWAYS'...

This car should not roll in the PARK position. It's unacceptable for a vehicule of it's calibre. I will be asking the tech this question and will post his reply. Can anyone tell me if there is a service bulletin out on this issue?
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