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Originally posted by Benzmac:
If it is a rattle, and not a squeak it could be one of a few things. You can take off the seat back and see if there is a stray bolt or screw hitting something. Also there are some wires under the seat that should be kept in place with wire ties. They can rattle. Are your tires out of balance?? This will make any car rattle.

Thanks for the information. Prior to getting your response I took a hand cloth folded it and placed it between the plastic base and leather on the left side of the front passenger seat. This stopped the rattling
noise. However, this is temporary and it doesn't look good but I have some temporary peace. I will take your advice about taking off the seat back (however, I am mechanically deficient, so I will be careful). If I can't figure it out I will take it to a certified MB mechanic.
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