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How much would you say my SDL is worth?

I'm looking to sell my 87 SDL as soon as I can. I would like to know the correct price I should ask for this car... And what it's worth.

It has 271,000 miles, but has a whole lot of new parts. Brand new injection pump installed a year ago at this time (only 6-7K miles since then), tranny was replaced just over 50,000 miles ago as was the turbo. The head had all the valves re-done and re-seated just after the new IP was installed. The paint is in good shape. New rear springs and shocks, rebuilt Monark Injectors, glow plugs replaced two years ago, new expansion tank, new blower motor, new ignition switch, new pushbutton unit, new driver side seat controller, new condenser, new receiver dryer, new Klima relay, cooling system was citric acid flushed a few months back, the EGR has been deleted and many more things I can't think of off the top of my head.

The car drives great, has plenty of power and doesn't smoke unless you get on it in which case it lets a little black smoke out the back. I've recently driven it on two 10 hour road trips and it drove like a dream. No problems to speak of. The engine bay is incredibly clean, the interior is very clean as well. The center console wood has some cracks in it. I'm trying to sell this car because I need something that is a little more economical and that is better around town since my commute is strictly around town now. This car has been in our family since 2001 and we are the second owners. My dad drove this car for the majority of it's life until he gave it to me about four years ago. We both absolutely love Merc diesels, and it's sad for me to see it go, but that's life.

I can post some pictures if it would help you guys evaluate it. Thank you!

1987 300SDL 271,000
1999 E300 Turbodiesel 155,000ish. (Dad's)
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