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Originally Posted by vstech View Post
the servo is a chrysler climate control gadget that controls the heat, and a/c and it's fragile and problematic. I have a good one for sale if you go that route and it's needed.
those wheels belong on the 124... so they must have spacers on them to fit... not good.
there are plenty of other problems with the coupe. the HEAVY york a/c, the vacuum controlled seats, the trim that's ONLY available from other coupes, the rear window regulator that is ALWAYS broken...

the 2.5T has timing chain needs, and delivery valve leaks, and turbo rebuild needs, along with other engine and transmission possibilities in a 23year old vehicle...
I'd vote the 2.5T personally, but as said, if it was an 82+ it's a slam dunk for the coupe...
Will print this out and bring with me. You're not going to be down in Miami this week?? Are ya!! ( Yes if the CD was a turbo = mine.) The 300D Turbo is owned by the dad who bought from his mother inlaw who was the orig owner - he handed it down to his daughter for college so I hope he kept things safe for her - then bought her a newer car. So in the same family since new. Interior he says is near perfect. Asking $2000.

Thanks! All hoping for new diesel by weekend...


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