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Effects of switching from green to G-05 coolant?

I have read many many threads on the differences but I have not seen any that have talked about, if anyone experienced any effects negative or good from switching out the green coolant to the g-05?

When I bought my car it had green coolant in it, and then I flushed everything and replaced the radiator....I put green back in it....its been less then a 2 years....I have been wanting to do a flush and refill as the car was so neglected and I opted to put in the correct g-05 this idea how long green has been used in it...

I was surprised how long it took to get the hose water clear, I was also surprised to see some rust colored water come out....I was even more shocked to see my heater core water was as rusty as it was when I did the first flush....

So now I am curious if the famous g-05 will net me any effects negative or least ones I might see...
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