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Originally Posted by ROLLGUY View Post
The cruise control servo is mounted under the intake manifold, and has nothing to do with the trans. It is common for these units to fail. I had one fail on me while revving the engine in the driveway. It caused the engine to race, and not idle down. If I was driving the car at the time, it might have caused a crash. Chances are the linkage was removed to prevent a similar occurrence. It is easy to hook back up, but be cautious, it is not worth crashing the car to have cruise control!
Bummer. I like cruise control alot. ..* Not to sounds blasphemous here , but I have never owned a bimmer & there is also a very nice 96 318i - 5 speed convertible black / black that is on the way back home - description :
- AC
- Radio / CD
- new brakes (7000 miles)
- black leather seats
- car about 239000 miles
- engine got replaced and got about 139000 miles
- runs perfect, never got problems
- 5-speed manual transaction
- printed document which says no accident

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