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if you have rust, you have sediment that's not been cleaned out.


putting in the proper coolant will not make ANY difference if there is already contaminants present.

only way to see benefits from the correct coolant is to citric flush and drain EVERYTHING! pull the block drain, flush it TOTALLY CLEAN, pull the monovalve, and get all passages free of any sediment, pull the hoses to the heater core, and flush that, and

REMOVE ALL TAP WATER from the car.

flush with distilled once all traces of sediment, and rust are clean.

THEN after that's drained, you can fill with the proper mixture for your climate of DISTILLED water and G05/MB coolant, and IF you drain and flush and fill every 2 years, it'll be pristine for the rest of the vehicle's life.

if you do the same and use GREEN, it'll be fine, pristine and will last equally long.
on the turbo cars with the plastic tanks, it's said the G05 will better protect the plastic... YMMV
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