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Originally Posted by C.Doner View Post
I think the EURO 81 NA TD's would come with that setup. The euro's have the m-pump . That was a switchover year for the TD some were NA and some turbo. My M-pump is from my 1980 300d. They definitely began using M-pumps before 1984. All 81TD's have a electronic speedo, I am pretty sure. If its a euro the year typed in on the title could be wrong.
The dealer will tell you what motor came in it. Check the engine numbers and you will be sure.
again my US 300cd has the m pump.
rollguy you could just take the vin up to the local AAA and inquire on an insurance quote-- when they plug in the # its either typical US, or the agent tells you the # dosent work in their system = grey market.
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