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I have:
Command Module
Set of motors from a memory seat base
Drivers side wiring harness
2 - complete working seat switches with the memory (I have several non-memory switches that I can put the memory buttons into.)

I have traced the memory switches to their positions in the wiring harness.

So again as far as I can tell all you need are:
The three wires for the memory buttons - run to their correct position.
The switch.
The command module.

No one has confirmed that yet. I still just find a lot of answers that say you need a full wiring harness - but no one says exactly why. I understand the command module and I have that covered and the switches, but as far as I can tell the only difference between seats that have memory and seats that do not are the 3 wires and the command module.

I have tested the memory enabled switches in my non-memory enabled seat and all of the basic controls for the seat work exactly the same. The switches are identical except for the additional buttons.
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