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OK maybe I am the luckiest person on the planet. The seat switches that I have are wired internally and externally the exact same except for the addition of the memory buttons. I got these passenger seat switches from a couple of different 400E's.

You can see in the attached photo the top passenger switch from my 1987 300TD has no memory switches, but the space for them. The bottom switch is from the 400E. Other than the housing being a bit different and the addition of the memory switches everything is exactly the same. I have tested these switches in my 1990 300te and they completely control the seats just fine. I have also tested the switches from my 300td in my 300te and they all function the same. The switches and all of the wiring is exactly the same and I have all of the same functionality that you would expect from any of these switches.

So again I may have just gotten super lucky and found the only 2 models of W124 that share the same switch designs.

Either way I have switches with memory functions that work.

I believe that the control module for both the passenger and drivers side that have memory function are exactly the same. They differ in that there is an extra 5 pin harness that hooks up to the drivers side. I believe that this controls the steering wheel and is not needed in the passenger side to make the memory work.

I am just hoping that someone who may have done this can confirm that all you need is:
Correct door switches (which I have confirmed that I have)
Command module (which I have right now untested)
The extra 3 wires run (to positions 7,9, and 10 on the 16 pin connector)
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87 300TD wanting to add seat position memory to Passenger side-photo1.jpg  
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