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silly me

Originally Posted by vstech View Post
I don't see any pictures... can you upload some? where are they stiff?
Thanks again VStech..... I sent a response to Diesel911 that fleshed out the apparent situation. I now suspect they are relatively new just far stiffer than I ever imagined. Stabilizing the axle shaft on a wood block on the bench so each end is free in space them grabbing splines and wobbling it about is very difficult .... very stiff. So much so I assumed a problem. I now suspect, because they are quiet as a church, boots in great shape, no play at all, quite the opposite, fluid lube came out (80 or 90 wt I'd guess) with a little debris.

I REMOVED a clamp, slid a boot back and looked with a flashlight, could see no signs of wear on the bearing raceway.

Now just replace lube, get clamps and done.

Thanks again from your help..... I'm quite glad not to have to deal with reboot especially after serial sets of trashy quality reman and "new" ones.

Many thanks.
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