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notes. The Wife Wants it gone ! He may junk it which is too bad bcs of the good of the car.....He asked me if I would take it for $800. If I need a driver I would have maybe...It is a PROJECT car but possibly worth that to a few DIYers...

The GOOD is 139,xxx original miles - 1 owner - Did start right up without any acceleration - has new $2,500 Transmission about 2 yrs ago. Seats are not clean but they are in fair to good condition. No rips but dirty. sunroof opens and closes - no leaks I could detect - dry trunk amazingly enough.

The BAD - the body is pretty nasty. front end smacked up needs new bumper at least.- hardly any clearcoat left on hood- roof and bottoms of side doors...
rear end really crushed in - trunk closes but is not sealed when closed bcs it is bent out of shape. interior - - headliner starting to sag over passenger front OSB. Left front & right rear windows are in-op. Amazing too is there is a leak out of one of the Diesel return hoses like a pin hole size but it squits out like a garden hose.. AC not sure about he says there is a slow leak requiring recharge 2-3 yrs time. Cruise linkage is missing ...Good tires at a glance.....

If anyone is interested in this 300D in South Miami, FL and I can help , let me know...

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