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Originally Posted by cooljjay View Post
Sure that is a 78? The seat skins appear newer maybe early 80s....but has bat wing head rests....has a dash cap on the dash....some issues with wood....horrible drivers side carpet, maybe the oil gauge leaked? Missing a kick much was this car again? Looks very neglected...
Hi CJ, I am not sure about anything yet other than what we can see in these pics. I thought the seats were from earlier pre- turbo coupes. also the headrests...Didn't notice the dash cover. I am not a fan of that, but again the body could be rust and hole free which is what I am banking on. I saw the drivers carpet and until I can see it in person won't know if it's a hole a leak or a cup of coffee. Missing both kick panels actually as seen in another pic not posted.. asking $1,700. he is holding it for me and I am assuming the worst.

I can get a 5 speed 190E up in CT , or a 4 speed 240D in Tampa , or a 300D down here , and so on but I love the White body this has and it does look very clean. You can eventually repair almost anything interior or mechanically over time on these but a bad body will never be the same as the way they originally looked.

I wish I had my truck back I sold 3 months ago and a trailer bcs it looks like Amtrak heading north and crossing my fingers driving it home...
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