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Originally Posted by vstech View Post
do you have any idea what the "BLACK DEATH" is?

in an electrical compressor, black death is from the winding insulation burning inside the compressor... there is no winding inside an automotive compressor...
the aluminum and copper if corroded from acid should form either a green or a white sludge... what's left to make black slime? the rubber hoses... so... they should be replaced. and modern hose has a "barrier" that keeps the pag and 134 from attacking the hose and leaking out.

My thought are that the rubber hoses should be replaced, and the metal parts flushed and filtered.
the "dryer" in an automotive system is nothing more than a can with a tube in it, and a desiccant bag inside to absorb moisture. it has zero filtering capabilities. if the system has black residue in it, a LIQUID line filter needs to be installed in the line between the dryer and the condenser. this will polish the oil and remove all traces of black death.
Don't believe a liquid line filter can 'polish' the contents of the system any better/finer than the receiver/dryer.
It is much more than a desiccant bag. It involves a fine mesh screen then a very fine thick woven material sandwiched on both sides of the desiccant material. I can't visualize any better filtering in a smaller can.

And, it WILL load up quick after any compressor failure.

Would you like to see pictures?
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