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Originally Posted by Whiskeydan View Post
Don't believe a liquid line filter can 'polish' the contents of the system any better/finer than the receiver/dryer.
It is much more than a desiccant bag. It involves a fine mesh screen then a very fine thick woven material sandwiched on both sides of the desiccant material. I can't visualize any better filtering in a smaller can.

And, it WILL load up quick after any compressor failure.

Would you like to see pictures?
I am thinking I will dissect the drier that came out of this car just for fun. I am also having a hard time finding the right liquid line filter anyway. The only one I can find has barbed ends, and I need either #6 Oring, or at least 3/8 flare. I also need a small one, as the area is tight where it goes (near the SLS reservoir). Yes photos are always helpful....Rich
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