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Originally Posted by wildest View Post
Well, you didn't say anything about r134 conversion, but you may want to hit Rollguy's thread about the Sanden conversion kit he's making to use a newer compressor to get you cool. You may still need to address some of the vacuum pods, just to keep your tranny happy. And the more you do yourself, the more tools you'll need.

Edit: Rollguy got here before me..
The compressor will work with either R12 or 134a. However, the compressor is shipped with 6 oz of PAG oil, so it will need to be drained and filled with the proper oil if R12 is used. That is why most people that do a Sanden retrofit go with 134a. I use a 134a charge port in the high side hoses that I make, assuming (I know I should not assume) 134a is used. If someone buys a hose kit from me and wants to use R12, I need to know before making the hose. I am very happy with the results of 134a with the Sanden upgrade, and see no reason to go with R12. However, there are some folks that will not use anything but R12 in these cars. I have no problem with that...Rich
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