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Originally Posted by Whiskeydan View Post
A 28 tube and fin condenser isn't going to provide very good performance.

To prove this, try misting the condenser with water and note the cabin vent temp and suction, discharge pressures.
Agreed. I actually tried that on the day I charged the system when I realized the vent temps weren't cold enough. Misting the condenser dropped the vent temperatures a noticeable amount just by feel, let alone on the thermometer.

What type of condenser is recommended for an R12 system with the R4 compressor?

Now, I'm very frustrated with the A/C system. It's still fully charged, and with ambient temperatures in the mid 70s (morning), vent temperatures reach 40*F. However, when ambient temperatures reach 95*F, the A/C feels like a heater and provides virtually NO cooling, with vent temps literally equal to ambient temperatures. If I put the fan speed on low, there is about a 5* difference, but that's it.

The system is still fully charged, the compressor is turning, and the condenser fan works properly, but in hot weather, the A/C is providing virtually no cooling. I haven't gotten around to cleaning the evaporator yet, but I don't see how that would cause the sudden lack of efficacy in the system.

Anyone have any additional ideas?
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