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With the help of my MB CD manuals, I am now tackling the job of my "non-working" 300SD locking system. I have a few questions that maybe someone could help me out with:

-The electrical connector (3 wires, I think they're blue yellow and brown) that goes into the lock vacuum pump in the trunk doesn't stay plugged in. Looking at the connector on the motor, it looks like one pin is "thinner" than the other two. Have the metal "sleeves" from the connector broken off and stuck onto these pins or should two of these pins look different? Also, the pump only runs if I hold the connector onto the motor (pushing hard!). Is a replacement connector available? Any ideas on how to fix this other than cutting off the connector and crimping on an insulated connector to each wire?

-Where are all of the "fittings" located? I found the 4-way tee under the passenger's rocker panel, but I understand there are two others. I'm most interested in the driver's side one (can't find it under the floormat anywhere).

-What to use as replacement vacuum hose? I'd prefer to get something locally -- should I use regular automotive vacuum hose (the black stuff) or get clear vinyl tubing from Home Depot?


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