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I've been using Dex III from The local parts house for the last 60k miles. The Tranny was slipping in the e320 at that point anyway so I was just trying to eek life out of it. The slipping hasn't gotten any worse. Based on my experience Dex III is perfectly fine. Its in both my 95 gasser and my 83 Diesel.

77' 300D, "Cartman" SOLD @ 150K (didn't know what I had)
83' 300SD, "The Superdon" 325k+ @ 28mpg
95 E320 wagon, "Millennium Falcon" 231k+ @ 24 Mpg
95 E300D, "Sherley" 308k @ 33.69 Mpg, currently anticipating a head
99 Suzuki Intruder "Trudy" @ 45 mpg
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