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The worst that can happen?

How about something like

1a) The friction lining material gets eaten away at an alarming rate and you end up rubbing metal on metal
1b) The adhesive used to stick the friction material to the metal parts is allergic to the transmission fluid you are using and no longer sticks the lining to said metal bits
2) The fluid doesn't lubricate like it should and the metal on metal parts wear
3) The fluid isn't compatible with the seals and eats them
4) The fluid isn't the correct viscosity and the internal pressures aren't what they should be resulting in malfunctioning operation


Whilst this next comment could start an "oil thread" I think it has to be made =>

I don't know enough about the properties of oil to make an educated guess - perhaps someone out there does?


If it helps any - I've been told the friction material in 722.1 and 722.3/4 transmissions is paper based
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