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Well, I followed moraine's advice and cleaned everything up.
Today I looked again and the bottom of the pump is still clean, but the fluid seems to come out of the rubber part of the return hose where it connects to the metal tube that goes to the front of the radiator. It also seems to come out of the other end of that rubber hose but that part is difficult to see.
I think I can disconnect that hose (see picture) from the front tube and disconnect the metal tubing at the pump. That hose/tubing could then be taken out and thus the hard to reach end of the rubber hose can be loosened and a new hose put back on the tubing. Slide that piece back in and connect to pump on one end and to front tubing at the other end.
Sorry for the lengthy description.
Is there anything else besides hose and hoseclamps I need to replace? Some gasket at the pump connection?
I will also take out the filter and replace with new (if I can figure out how to remove the filter from the reservoir).
Any tips, anybody?
Thanks in advance
Reinhard Kreutzer
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