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You might want to see what the Highest no load speed Your Engine can do.

Make sure Your Oil level is OK and take Your Car for a 5-10 minute ride around Town and when you get back put it in Park with the Parking Brake on and step all the way down on the Pedal and as briefly as possible see what the highest rpm You get is.
For mine I think it is 4500 rpms to 5000 rpms is normal. I can't remember the specific spec. Someone who knows it can post it.

If it is not doing the Minimum rpm check Your Linkages and clean out the Tubing that sends the Boost Pressure to the ADLA and retest.

If still not making the rpms you can adjust the Throttle Stop Screw. Note that this adjustment is also a safety feature to keep You Engine from over speeding and causing damage.
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