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More dumb S500 Coupe questions...

Thanks in advance for your patience.. I've had a chance to look the car over today... amazing car overall. Runs well, etc, but some stuff defies comprehension (at least by me). There is what looks like a standard power antenna on the left rear quarter panel. There are also two telescoping, short chrome "posts" that are located at the very back of the car, on the top of the quarters, and just outside the trunk opening. I'd say they were antennae, except they are short and don't seem related to turning the radio on and off. OK, somebody help me, what are they?
My glove compartment won't open. The button to open the compartment moves in and out, but there is no resistance of any kind. Locking/unlocking works OK for the eyeglass compartment above, but the glove box won't unlatch. Anybody got an idea before I take an axe to the dash?
The driver's headlight has a stone crack in it. I've searched the web and found whole headlights for about 500 dollars (yikes!). One guy has just the lens for sale. Is the lens removeable? Its a 1996 W140 body. Anybody done this?
Thanks again, KenP
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