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The antenna on this model I believe is only for use with the cell phone, not the radio. Built it on to all of them regardless of build status, I believe most if not all cell phone installations were done at the dealer or possibly in port, not the factory.
The 2 small rods are supposed to somehow make it easier to see where the corners of the car are. They should raise in reverse and lower when taken out of reverse or shortly thereafter. Stupid idea, I'm sure they'll put in in the CL model next year, as they just added the extendable trunk lid grip to the 220 chassis (like the 140 chassis had). (just kidding about the assist rods though).
Glove compartment may be tough, I believe if the small upper compartment is working (spectacles compartment is the official name) the the glove box should also work. The glovebox opens via a cable to that double push-button latch, it may have come off. I'd take it to a dealer or MB specialist shop.
On most of these modular styled headlights, MB won't sell just the lens, not when it's one large plate of glass like that. May be able to find one used, I doubt it though, because if the glass plate (lens) is undamaged, they'll want to sell you the whole light, not just the plate (lens).

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