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Originally Posted by BillGrissom View Post
The OP could also look at Duracool or Envirosafe (formerly Freeze-12). Both are hydrocarbons that work slightly better than R-12 and work with any oil (mineral or PAG), and use R-134A fittings. Next time, I might use Duracool's PAO oil, which sounds best (but pricey). There is a lot of information and even more mis-information out there, so read up, and determine for yourself if you need to worry about your car blowing up or catching fire (has never happened, probably extremely unlikely).
Envirosafe and Freeze12 are two different items.

Envirosafe is a hydrocarbon blend.

Freeze12 is a R134A blend.

I had F12 in the 190E for a while, it was not nearly as good as ES-12A.
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