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Originally Posted by sloride View Post
That is the fuel tank vent. That is not leaking fuel as that allows air to replace the fuel that has been consumed while running and should not have any fuel in it. What you do have is a corroded fuel supply or return line. IIRC there are three lines running along the floor board. One of the lines is the supply from tank to engine, one is the return from engine to tank, and one is a brake line. that is an easy fix but mine did not look as neat as factory when done. If anyone knows of a great tubing bending tool or method please start a new thread or PM me as I did mine in two pieces ( rubber hose at center in feed and return line)
Thanks. I believe it is probably the feed line. Would it be easier to replace from the tank to that tricky spot or just splice some line in? I don't think its under much pressure, wouldn't some rubber fuel line work just fine? I have spliced it on my powerstroke pushing 80psi through it with no issues at 130,000 miles.
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