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Originally Posted by Skid Row Joe View Post
You made my point - they're NOT really Mercedes-Benz - they're badged out as being Mercedes-Benz, when everyone knows they're mostly Dodges.

If you can prove otherwise - I'll be happy to back off my belief they're Dodges with an MB engine. The OP wants a European, NO-US vehicle. This IS NOT 100% European. No way!
If Wiki is to be believed, "From 2001 until 2006, cargo van versions of the Sprinter were manufactured in Düsseldorf, Germany, partially disassembled and shipped to a facility in Gaffney, South Carolina where they were reassembled. The cargo versions, classified as light trucks, are subject to the 25% chicken tax if imported as a complete unit, which is avoided by the disassembly and subsequent reassembly. Passenger vans were not subject to the same tax classifications and were imported as an assembled unit through Mercedes-Benz in Jacksonville, Florida.

The second generation (VB Chassis) Sprinter debuted in early 2007. The cargo version of this model is re-assembled at a plant in Ladson, South Carolina which was previously used as an American LaFrance factory. Like its predecessor, the passenger version is imported as a complete unit. The previous reassembly facility in Gaffney, South Carolina continues to be used by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation. The second generation North American Sprinter is a complete redesign, with the W5A380 transmission being the only significant carryover part.

I scanned a few Sprinters on eBay and the VINs begin with WD-. US built MLs and GLs have 4JG prefix VINs.

$10K and no conversion pretty much reduces the options to:

Vanagon Diesel - Volkswagen : Bus/Vanagon GL in Volkswagen | eBay Motors

The practical answer is a non-Diesel minivan or mini-minivan like a Mazda 5.

87 300D
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