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Originally Posted by Jooseppi Luna View Post
Here's what I'd boil it down to:

1) Gasser minivan (in which case I'd recommend the 2004-10 Toyota Sienna)
2) Sprinter van
3) 1987 300TD
4) The very outside chance that a European Land Cruiser would work -- they came with diesels over there. -- too expensive
5) GL350 -- too expensive
Well my wife reminded me that I missed a requirement. That a "no minivan" agreement was part of our wedding vows.

I think we're leaning towards a 606 swap into a late s124 or find a european model to import.

Subaru never made a diesel as far as I can tell and I don't even want to imagine an engine swap on that thing. But my wife already made it known that switching to gas is not an option. Even if some of her requirements aren't met.
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