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Replaced the strut today, and yes, you can install without a compresser device. I jacked up the right rear and removed the old strut, then found out that the axle needed to be lower, so I unbolted the lower shock mount and also needed to uncouple the brake line where the rubber hose connects to the rigid line. Easy to do and then was able to jack up right rear higher to enable the bolts on the strut to line up. bolted it in then reassembled brake and shock after i lowered the car enough to line them back up. Result...fixed the sagging rear and camber problem. the old strut was completely shot, now the car sits level and when you accelerate, the rear end does not drop and rob power doing so, it stays level and moves forward! I also adjusted the transmission pressure rod attached to the throttle linkage, and found that it was not correct, it was too tight and was pushing the rod back about 1 inch or so, after I adjusted to correct condition, my shifting problem went away, that is it no longer has a slow and sloppy shift between all gears. now the shift is quick but smooth, what a difference!!

Good day for the old 4.5.

Thanks for everyone's advice on these issues.

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