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Originally Posted by DieselPaul View Post
This car isn't a conversion, there is no schraeder valve. Its like a little pyramid inside the fitting. I took the high side off thinking the car was an R12 car because I do replace the schraeders and fittings when I service conversion cars. The high side fitting had a big spring in it, and if you look straight into it its the same domed surface, not a schraeder.

This is an original R134a Mercedes fitting

I'll try to take a picture.
If the fitting is part of the hose assembly, and not replaceable, then unfortunately the entire assembly needs to be replaced, or rebuilt. It is possible that you can just replace the fitting by cutting the hose and crimping in a new fitting (provided there is enough hose length). Manufacturers use proprietary fittings to force you to buy the entire hose assembly, and usually at great expense. I am blessed to have the equipment and supplies to make my own hoses, should I ever come across a problem like this on a car I am working on.
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