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did it. sucks working under time pressure, but i didn't get a ticket even though i finished an hour into the forbidden period.

conclusions: panZZer, it will fit. anyone attempting this job should either have a new gasket on hand or make one in advance. also make sure you have several 1/2" wrenches, box and open end, of different lengths. i only had one short one and had to resort to using 13mm tools which kinda sucked. i used the soft-blow hammer quite a lot to line things up. mark which bolts are which because some are identical except for length. lastly, make sure the double o-ring adapter is already in the intake before mounting the turbo, or you will have to completely unbolt it again to make room.

this seemed like WAY more work than just bolting the replacement turbo on. if i had had a better idea of the steps required in advance, i could have done it a lot faster.

thanks for your help Diesel911, DeliveryValve, and eatont9999, which was invaluable!
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