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Originally Posted by Proctor750 View Post
Ok, so on the journey to figure out WHY the car has so much play in the drivetrain (back forth bucking due to slack taken up after accelerating from letting off) I have ruled out the Differential and backlash.

SO now I'm looking at the drive shaft as a possibility, as I said before the front flex disc is ok, the center bearing seems OK, and the rear flex disc is SORT of ok. The rear flex disc CENTER sleeve has been wallowed out... I'm guessing this is from the back forth oscillations over time (I try to keep them under control).

I took some video with the car in 2nd gear and me under it rotating the driveshaft left and right. The majority of the play appears to be coming from the front ie the transmissions flange.
Would you say this much play in gear from the tranny is too much? could this be a culprit? warped flywheel maybe?

Ignore the harmonic ring you see torn off behind the front flex disc... ill hack that the rest of the way off later.



Let me know what your thoughts are on this back forth slop.
Are you going to replace them?

I can't watch the Video as I have dial up internet.

On the W123s that back and forth play (I am speaking of forward and to the rear play) is I believe adjusted with that coupling Nut on the Drive Shaft.

If the Flex Discs are not doing their thing I think that would add to the back and forth play; but not much.

I think the Engine and Transmission Mounts would also have an effect on the back and forth play.

If there is a Differential mount that could also have an effect on it.

Unfortunately you are dealing with a system of Parts that works together?
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