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The SE was bought as a parts car and it was mechanically in that condition. The engine has a cold starting issue and the front steering is hammered out. It is so bad that I have to keep it under 40MPH. I drove it to my fiancee's place on the back roads, so it should be OK for now. I'm in the process of parting the interior out and there isn't much left in the car.

Joe is right. Tags and all that crap were no good. It had a MA plate on the back with expired TX registration and inspection stickers. Now it just has the MA plate. They said it was leaking fluid as well but it was not. If anything, water was under it from the junk sprinkler system that does a better job of watering the parking lot than the grass.

They also nailed my new 300SD that I just brought home. The radiator blew on the way home, so I pulled it to have the tanks replaced and I left a drip pan under it. I'm just trying to be responsible here and not puke fluids all over the place. I had to take a day off work to run into Dallas to borrow a radiator from a friend so I could move the car to my workplace. I'm waiting on a 130-U title transfer form from the seller before I can apply for a new title. The SD is titled in FL.

This apartment complex also likes to sticker my daily driver 300SD that is all legit and has no problems. I'm not the only one, though. They sticker a lot of other cars, too. Somehow they missed my neighbor's Chevy that had out of state plates and expired registration for thee years! I think the apartment management is friendly with whomever they have tow vehicles.
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