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New to Me, 1987 300D W124

OK, my elderly auntie finally let go of her 1987 300D, not free, but very reasonable. 120k miles on the clock, starts and runs, but of course a few little problems. For one, the trap oxidizer is still in place so I'll have to deal with the dealer to go through the recall issues. Windows, doors, sunroof all working, driver's window and door locks really slow. Passenger headrest, rear headrests, antennae riser unresponsive.
Ok, the meat of the matter, pretty loud and chattery on startup, my first diesel so I'm not sure if it's really bad. Transmission shifts hard, if your foot is in it, it shifts REALLY hard (only tried that once). Fuel leaking after parked, stops after about a week.
It has spent the last twenty years primarily parked in a garage, but with the door open. I know, German Habitrail. Been cleaning out rodent carcasses and nests, have noticed some chewed wires but not too bad. Any impressions or cautions welcome. I can do most repairs but will leave the deep mechanical to the pro as I have found that to be economically prohibitive to do myself. Oh yeah, already checked the fuses, all good.
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