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Aug 17 - Replaced fuel preheater (and gasket), glow plugs and fuel filter.

I started with the glow plugs, following the DIY posted in the forum (thanks to the author BTW - he did a wonderful job).

5 out of 6 came out fairly easily, partly because I made sure to heat up the engine prior to the repair. GP #2 took forever, but with patience and prayer it came out eventually.

The reamer tool (ordered from Hazet) was my best friend. I extracted quite a bit of carbon from each cylinder. It was really hard.

Next I went after the fuel preheater. Looking at how it was built, I still can't explain how it was mixing coolant with fuel. All I know is that the fuel coming out of it was contaminated.

The fuel filter was easy to replace. The new one came with 2 O-rings which was good since one of the old ones was damaged (possibly by coolant?)

Took forever to start the car, even though I filled the new filter with fuel.

Since then, I have not seen any traces of white smoke coming out of the exhaust. Coolant level is stable after 2 days; will keep an eye on it.

Thanks everyone for all the help!

Next, I'll need help finding out the correct part# for the front shocks, based on my VIN. Unfortunately I can't access EPC since I live in Canada. Any suggestions/thoughts?

Thanks and have a great day,
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