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Originally Posted by JB3 View Post
dont they have timing belts on both ends of the engine? one up against the firewall in other words, just as impossible to service as an old saab.

if we consider cars that age, he might as well stick with a nice quality 300TD 123 chassis with a 617 and a 3rd row seat.

My understanding is they want newer? more safety features?

How about a 210 chassis wagon diesel with higher mileage? I see sedans all the time on craigslist, did they make a diesel wagon in 210 chassis?
basically they are the 1.6 engine with two more holes, but to make the package work the pump runs off the rear timing belt, the cam runs from the front timing belt, the crank cog is torqued to something like 300 lb/ft and then some.

Not very efficient but goes like a scalded cat blowing thick, plague like black smoke.
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