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Originally Posted by ah-kay View Post
How can you removed an allen head bolt with a socket? Your dealer probably replaced the allen head bolts with a hex bolts.

Normally, the turbo pipe is the first thing to come off for the head job. That is the way I did it. The turbo can be removed or stayed it does not matter. As to removing the bottom bolt, it is bit difficult to get to but not that bad. I used a 1/4" socket set with a 6" extension. I do not think I used an u-joint. You thread it from the bottom., there is a gap there to thread it thru. Please, please do not bugger up the allen head or else your will be in deep $hit.
My car had hex head bolts, obviously. I didn't think I would have to explain this but . . . presumably the car had been worked on before I got it and the bolts replaced.

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