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Originally Posted by Simpler=Better View Post
Definitely pull your flex discs and check them thoroughly.

I'm not an expert but it sounds like general wear adding up. My 220k DD has a similar slide hammer effect. My theory is the slop adds up between the clutch, transmission, u-joints, diff, and axle teeth. If I'm light on the throttle on flat ground I can get it to kick back and forward. You learn to either be accelerating in gear or coating in neutral.

YES!!!! Finally someone who has experienced the same issue. Did you ever figure it out?
I agree its a lot of added wear, but there is a source. I want to find out what the source is before I even think of attempting to replace all affected parts..

As stated earlier, my REAR flex disc inner diameter sleeve has been worn into an OVAL. This tells me that the drive shaft must be at some points spinning unevenly, or wobbling (change in pinion angle?). In the video you can see the VERTICAL play in the center bearing rubber. I didn't know if this is normal, or if the rubber surrounding the center bearing should be stiff and unyielding.

Motor mounts are in decent shape, not much engine movement. Axles could probably be replaced (I think one is slightly bent low speed you can feel a wobble), and wheel bearings I'm sure are toast.

My main issue is finding out if this is something simple, or complicated (IE My transmission is where the source of the play is and good luck finding another like it..)
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