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We finally got the car and the trans and motor were pulled. I can see now that the transmission is likely what parked this car for so long. I have all the correct parts to swap to my wagon, but the trans does'nt look good at all. I coul not find a number on the case but I did find a small crack or gouge in the tailshaft section of the transmission case.

When we went to drain it...I found that there was no fluid in it!... (uh oh). The gouge is low on the case so I guess all the oil leaked out already.....The drain plug had what appeared to be sandy and rust colored particles stuck to the drain plug. I had imagined them to be some sort of fibrous material like a timing chain guide lining. Small pieces of metal flecks, but not much.

I wonder if the synchros are made of some type of material other than metal?
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