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Got the glove box open!

Thanks much for your sage knowledge.
Couldn't stand waiting, so launched into the glove box issue today in a snow storm... at least it was nice and warm in the car.
If you put the key in the glove box lock, rotate 45 degrees to the right, and then push a small, stiff pin (I used a small allen wrench) into the hole right next to the key, the entire tumbler will come out with the key. At the bottom of the tumbler housing, there is a single phillips screw. Remove that and the entire lock housing comes loose.
Careful wiggling and you can get it out without opening the glove box door. You're correct about being cable operated... my cable has lots of play in it.
When I removed it from the operating lever and pulled it by hand, the door popped open!
Best part was the surprise inside the box... a spare IR remote and extra key for the car! Whoohoo!
Now, I just gotta figure out how to remove the glove box liner and adjust the cable somehow.
Thanks again for your help.
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