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I just did this swap (or maybe more accurately I AM DOING this swap). I have the aluminum case trans from an '84 240D.

Use pilot bearing SKF pn. 6202-2RSJ. Your local bearing supplier will have it for a couple of $$ (I paid about $4) as opposed to the M-B bearing which is THE SAME bearing in a different box - and you'll have to wait for it. My experience was that the pilot bearing bore in the crank is 0.007" too small. You can freeze the bearing and cram it in there but when everything comes up to temp the bearing won't rotate freely as the outer race is squeezed into the center. I used a die grinder and a Tootsie roll abrasive and carefully worked the crank hole to size. Pressed fit should be about 0.002" (sorry, I don't have a Metric brain). Start by taking careful measurements of the bearing OD and the crank bore ID as yours may be different.

Another tip - the trans input shaft fits TIGHTLY into bearing ID. The tailshaft wouldn't turn freely by hand following the installation. After a great deal of fooling around I decided to thump the tailshaft with a soft hammer to drive the input shaft into the pilot bearing. Problem solved!

Remember to keep the shifter and linkage. You may want to save the floor hump from the donor car and weld it into the wagon but maybe in a M-B to M-B swap everything fits. In my case it's a moot point. Also order up fresh shifter bushings.

Good luck on this - it's pretty easy, really.

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