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Do I have to pull of the timing cover again?


1985 190E 2.3 8vlv

I was wondering if it is possible to take out the timing chain guide rail without taking off the timing cover. I just had my timing chain replaced along with both sprockets and all guides, which was not even really necessary since they bearly ever touch the chain except for the rail guide.

What happened is (what I think at least) the guide rail has a plastic front to reduce noise, well one of the edges of that plastic rail broke off, and now because of this the engine makes a quite annoying whine noise that I want to eliminate, it makes sense to me since there is a sharp edge that the chain hits instead of a soft edge from which the chain simplay lifts off.

So I was wondering if it would be possible to pull it out just by taking off the valve cover and removing the tensioner and pivot bolt that holds it in place, and dropping in a new one.

I can't remember if there is anything else, but if it would be possible it would take only a day to do this right instead of a week if I were to take off the timing cover, which I don't really want to do.


Thanx in advance
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