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Charlie, you may have hit the nail on the noggin. This was info that I wasn't able to find as I struggled with this installation. This is the first that I got an actual dimension though it may have been in some of the trans swap threads and I simply missed it.

Yep, my engine is an '85. Not sure what year Macdoe is installing the trans behind and that's why I suggested that he measure before grinding the crank hole. Wish I'd known the 34mm vs. 35mm thing as the bearing place probably could have come up with a 34mm OD bearing with the same pilot diameter. Is the pilot 13mm? I should have measured it before I installed it but I tried the bearing on the snout and I knew it fit so I didn't worry about it.

Folks - a lesson here. A decent bearing house can generally find a bearing to get you from here to there. You'll need ID, OD, bearing width, and bearing type (sealed or unsealed, ball or roller, etc.). They have books (now online) that allow them to match sizes and generate a part number. Bearing makers produce a dizzying array of bearings and almost always can find a piece for your needs. This is also true for seals, O-rings, and other assorted bits.

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